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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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after investigators recorded a call in which he instructed his wife to destroy a check and hide $80,000 in her underwear. johnson said in court that his wife knew nothing before that day. johnson addressed the court saying i am haunted by this. i fell from grace. i'm sorry and asked the people to forgive me. he said he was proud of his service to charities. but the judge said that is what you were elected to do. >> he knew he was under federal investigation. but he laughed it off and put the cash in his pockets. jack johnson thought the corruption was the normal way of doing business. that's what you learn if you listen to the recordings. jack johnson could have been a role model for integrity. instead he chose to be a poster child for corruption. >> reporter: his lawyers directed limit to say nothing as he left the courthouse where the
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sentencing drew supporters and detractors. >> i'm happy that the sentence was not longer than it was. >> hopefully the time that he is away he will think of the good he did but also consider the bad that he has done and work to move on with his life and hopefully the county can move on as well. >> reporter: johnson's wife leslie pleaded guilty to one count of tampering with evidence. she will appear for sentencing in court and faces a maximum possible sentence of 18 months. that is friday at the federal courthouse in greenbelt. >> thanks, chris. the scandal rocked prince george's county politics. but today the current leaders said they are ready to move forward. darcy spencer continues our team coverage now live from upper marlboro. >> reporter: the scandal may have read like a movie script but for the people in the county
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it was a reality. the man they elected twice violated the public trust and multiple people said he did the crimes and now he has to do the time. >> do you think he should go to prison for the crimes? >> there is an old saying if you are not going to do the time, don't do the crime. >> reporter: prince george's county residents weigh in on the seven year sentence jack johnson received in federal court today. >> what does it say to have a county executive going to prison? >> tells about integrity. a lot of people don't have it. >> when you do the crime you have to do the time. >> i will now call the meeting to order. >> reporter: the council elected andrea harrison to be the new chair. harrison speaking for the council said that the county moved on from the cloud of corruption. >> we have already moved forward. this council here is about doing
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the work of prince george's county and together with the county executive we will continue to grow and be one. >> reporter: johnson is a former two-term state's attorney and county executive whose political career came to a quick and dramatic end in november of last year when federal agents raided his home and arrested he and his wife leslie. >> it is just unfortunate that it happened that way that he left office that way. >> reporter: mr. baker was elected to replace johnson. baker says that the county struggled in the initial months following the arrests but has made progress moving the county away from a culture of corruption where you had to pay to play in johnson's political game. >> people doubted whether prince george's county would survive this, whether in fact we could make people interested in coming to prince george's county again. if you look at this year, people
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are excited about the county. >> reporter: the county leaders are ready to put this chapter behind them. but the u.s. attorney indicated during that press conference that the corruption investigation continues here in prince george's. reporting live, darcy spencer, news4. back to you. >> thank you. there is news tonight that the head of the federal aviation administration has resigned. he was arrested for drunk driving over the weekend. randy babbitt pulled over on saturday night after drive drooing the wrong way in fairfax. he submitted his resignation to the transportation secretary just a short time ago. he released a statement that read in part serving as faa administrator has been an honor and the highlight of my professional career but i'm unwilling to let anything cast a shadow on the outstanding work done 24 hours a day and seven
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days a week by my colleagues at the faa. the d.c. council gave approval to a wide ranging ethics reform bill that would toughen reporting requirements on campaign related spending and establishes an ethics committee. >> this bill has been in the works for months but comes days after an fbi raid on one of the council members. >> would you be agreeable -- >> reporter: after hours of debate that drug into the afternoon the council passed the ethics bill on a voice vote. >> the public thinks the council members are corruption or not serious enough about ethics. will this solve that issue? >> we have been serious about ethics reform. i think the bill reflects that. it's just important that we move forward and get all the questions answered and have the regime in place. >> iter the debate was intense but adding to the drama was
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harry thomas jr., who showed up and was besieged by reporters. >> sitting on the council thomas declined to say much to news4 or any reporter. >> my attorneys will address any questions you have. >> reporter: the fbi and irs raided thomas's home in the northeast washington area seizing luxly vehicles and boxes of paper. it has embarrassed many council members who want him to take a paid leave of absence and others say she should be allowed to up defend himself. >> i like a lot of this has to do with his own decision making and family's decision making on what to do here in the council. we don't have power to do anything. we can't remove him. and i'm not supporting that. >> reporter: the ethics bill
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would slark funds available for council members from 80,000 to $40,000. the bill would tighten reporting campaign contributions and an ethics board would have able to fine and investigation council members. >> the bill has to be voted on again in two weeks. watch for some try to make it even tougher. >> thank you, tom. turning now to the wet weather. it has been raining much of the day tlaen is a lot more to come. doug kammerer is tracking it all from the weather center. >> so far we have seen a tenth a a quarter inch of rain. but over the next 24 hours expect that to go to 1 to 2 inches of rain. that's how much we have coming. as the cold air moves in some of that will change to snow. 55 degrees is the current temperature. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. everyone nice and warm.
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frederick at 59. gaithersburg at 61. leesburg all coming in at 63 degrees. a very warm night tonight. the average high temperature is around 50. we are well above that. the heaviest rain in southern maryland and just shower activity around the rest of the region. as we widen out one thing you will notice is that storm system that is down to the south around memphis, tennessee, that's the next storm system that is moving our way, picking up moisture. it will move in here over the next 24 hours. i'll show you when it moves in, how much rain you will get and how much snow you may get too. thanks, doug. members of the group take back the capital descended on lawmaker offices on capitol hill today. the protesters included an organization known as our d.c. they gathered and sat in the offices of house and senate
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leaders. they want to convey a message that congress should represent 99% of everyday americans. tomorrow they've scheduled sit ins at lobbyist offices at k street. coming up next, a murder for hire plot unravels. the evidence that sent one man to prison and saved his ex-wife's life. what president obama calls a make or break moment. a breast cancer breakthrough. the test that determines what kind of treatment is best for your cancer. message of hate has been distributed around the district and police are trying to figure out who is behind it. dan what is ahead in sports? >> everything big in texas including baseball trades. more deals going down. we'll have the low down and the latest on the nationals. plus one in three. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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the past decade has been tumultuous in afghanistan. but they were spared sectarian violence until today. a suicide bomber attacked a crowd outside a shrine in kabul. 56 shia worshippers were killed. the taliban denied responsibility. a man who represents a group from pakistan called media outlets to say his group carried out the attack. the claim could not be verified. president obama delivered an address with a focus on the middle class. he spoke in a small town in kansas where theodore roosevelt delivered a speech a century ago.
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>> reporter: in tiny osawatomie, kansas, president obama delivered a message aimed at middle class americans and politicians back in washington. >> i believe this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules. >> reporter: the president argues he is defending the working class and republicans are standing with the rich. it's a rallying cry for the tax fight in washington and his own re-election campaign. >> in 1910, teddy roosevelt came here, to osawatomie and he laid out his vision for that he called a new nationalism. >> reporter: roosevelt argued that welfare was more important than wealth, an argument that this president is laying out a century later. >> we cannot return to this brand of you're on your own economics if we want to rebuild
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the middle class. >> reporter: the democrats are struggling to keep a payroll tax from expiring at the end of the month. the democrats are offering to pay for it by raising taxes on the rich. >> this was not a compromise but just another bill designed to fail so democrats can have another week of fun and games on the senate floor. >> reporter: while president obama calls for a new, new nationalism, on capitol hill, it's same old politics. and for the record, teddy roosevelt's new nationalism did not go over well with voters. he lost the election in a blowout. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news4. more encouraging news for newt gingrich. a washington post poll shows that gingrich is the clear front runner in iowa. 33% of likely voters said they support the former house
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speaker. his closest rivals mitt romney and are on paul took 18% in the poll. a recent nbc poll shows gingrich on top in iowa. an aide to former maryland governor bob ehrlich was found guilty of trying to suppress black voter turnout in last year's election. he was convicted on four counts including conspiracy to violate state election laws. prosecutors say he approved robocalls to 110,000 voters in baltimore and prince george's county. the message suggested that martin o'malley had already won and there was no need to go to the polls. he is facing up to 12 years in prison and will be sentenced in february. doug has a check on the forecast. chiend of a dreary, rainy, soggy day out there. >> i was talk to a photographer
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who was spending time outdoors. i said watch out for tomorrow. will the be one of the days where the rain continues to come down. some areas will see 1 to 2 inches of rain tomorrow and then the cold air sweeps in. and we have something else to talk about. let's look outside and show you how things are look right now. plenty of cloud cover and shower activity too. the rain will continue through the night but in the shower variety. most areas seeing off and on showers. the heaviest rain in southern portions of maryland. currently 57 degrees. the temperature has gone up the last hour up two degrees from 55. winds out of the south at 11 miles per hour helping to continue to warm up the temperatures. look at the rest of the region. here we are in the first week of december and 36 in leesburg and 63 in fredericksburg. that is some very warm air. you only get this warm in december when you've got a strong front around the area.
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that front is just now off to west. you can see the shower activity along 81 down into southern maryland. that's where the heaviest rain is. right around leonardtown where that rain is. it has made its way over the last four hours through district and pushing down to the south. here's the frontal boundary right in here. you can see more showers lining up along the front. but that is not where the heavy rain is. this is an area of low pressure in the upper levels drawing up a ton of moisture from the gulf of mexico. it will move our way. warm air ahead of it and cold air in behind it. and that will work in here during the day tomorrow. 6:00 tonight, we have the showers out there. but overnight just a few showers from time to time. but tomorrow morning waking up
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around 7:00, to 7:30, front royal through washington i think you will be dealing with a very wet start to the day and it is going the stay that way as we move through the afternoon, heavy downpours from time to time, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow night still dealing with heavy rain. once again, 1 to 2 inches of rain, some areas 2 and a half to 3 inches of rain tomorrow. that is a lot of rain in 12 hours. and there is the cold air starting to come in. i think the temperatures all day will be on the decline starting off warm early but the temperatures will fall during the day. by tomorrow night that rain switches to snow in montgomery and loudoun county into the north and west. the rest of us stay rain. we are looking at winter storm watch to the west in west virginia but it does not include much of virginia at all. but i would not be surprised to
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see a winter weather advisory tomorrow. 2 to 5 inches of petersburg in through west virginia. 1 to 2 inches including the i-81 area along the front range of the blue ridge and east of that area just a coating. we'll zoom in here, rockville maybe a coating. but leesburg could get accumulating snow out there. manassas just a coating. east of 95 just a few flakes but that's about it. the forecast this evening rain. 54 to 60 degrees. tomorrow morning waking up to a mild start but the rain is going to move in here. we are going the see heavy rain. 54 to 57 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures will be falling from temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s down the low to mid-40s by late afternoon. the rain likely heavy at times.
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not only do we see the rain change to snow but the temperatures get here. look at the 40s you will saturday and all the way through next week. say good-bye to the warm temperatures. but everybody saying it's about time. we need to get in the holiday spirit somehow. >> it doesn't sound like will the be cold enough for icy conditions out there? >> i'm not too worried about that. thursday morning most areas should be okay. i don't except school closings unless you are wait out to the west. in virginia they reached a billion dollars deal to improve roads.
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there are awful new details
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about a deadly crash along route 7 in tyson's corner yesterday. a truck hit a car driven by a 51-year-old of dale city. after the accident she got out of the car to flag down the driver. but the trucker didn't see her and ran over her. the crash shut down eastbound route 7 most of the evening commute. the federal aviation administration is looking at an accident that injured a fashion model. lauren skrubs was coming back from a flight to view christmas lights on saturday night. she had just gotten off the plane and went to thank the pilot and she didn't realize the propeller was still spinning. she walked right into it. she tried to shield her face but she lost her hand and almost an eye. her parents say will the be a long recovery. >> i don't know if she realizes all what happened. she is just discovered that she
6:26 pm
is injured and hurt. >> we don't know if she remembers the accident. >> in addition to modelling she edits an online magazine called lolo for her nickname. her ex-husband hired a hitman but she is alive thanks to the police. police are on the lookout for the person sending out these antisemetic fliers. courthouse displays, religious and otherwise will continue in the wake of a skeleton santa on a cross controversy. coming up in sports, it's official, the redskins now have two open roster spots. the capitols feeling burnt after their trip to
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today former prince george's county executive jack johnson was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison. johnson was ordered to pay $100,000 in fines. he apologized during the sentencing hearing and said he is haunted by his actions. the lawyers asked the judge for leniency claiming he suffers from parkinson's disease. the head of the faa has resigned after being arrested for drunk driving over the weekend. he was spotted driving the wrong way on old lee highway in fairfax city, virginia. president obama delivered a major address in the same small town where teddy roosevelt gave his new national ichl speech one
6:31 pm
century again. mr. obama said that the nation is at a defining moment. meanwhile on capitol hill republicans and democrats are locked in a battle over a payroll tax cut. both sides accuse the other of playing politics. now to a murder for hire plot in montgomery county. a man tried to hire his handyman to kill his ex-wife. >> but he didn't stop there after he was arrested. pat collins spoke with the victim and has our report. >> reporter: richard boyd jr. hired a hitman to kill his wife. what boyd didn't know was that hitman was really an undercover cop. after he was arrested, the interrogation didn't go too well. >> i didn't do it. i'm telling you i didn't do it. i'm not going to tell you i did something when i didn't do something. >> okay well i'm telling you
6:32 pm
that i know that you did do it. >> i didn't. >> i heard it. >> reporter: the target, elizabeth erin. the couple lives here and they were married in twun. the abuse began right after their marriage even on their honeymoon when he abandoned her on a train in california. she says he repeatedly beat her and after one attack in 2009 she decided to take her kids and leave. >> there was kicking and punching and it was in front of my little one. and i was afraid for my life at that point. >> reporter: when elizabeth filed for divorce, boyd started looking for someone to kill his wife. he approached his handyman and asked the handyman to set up the
6:33 pm
kill. the price? $10,000, $2,000 down and $1,000 a month but it's the handyman turned into a police inform antidepressant. details of the plot discussed at the home and taped by police. >> you said you had to go up the steps and he had to have a silencer. >> he has to. >> reporter: richard boyd was arrested and taken to jail where they say he tried to hire another hitman. a hitman to kill the handyman informant and then his wife. hear now from prsht john mccarthy. >> i cannot remember anyone who has been similarly situated, taken in, arrested, incarcerated and from behind the bars of the jailhouse planning a hit on the very person that he hired to do the first hit. >> reporter: at first he denied any wrong doing but eventually
6:34 pm
boyd entered a guilty plea. he has been sentenced to 20 years in jail. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. deputies released a sketch of a man who kidnapped a 22-year-old woman and tried to sexual assault her on november 27th. the victim told police a man with a gun approached her in stafford, virginia and forced her into a wooded area nearby. she says the man punched and choked her and tried to sexual assault her. the police say they are looking into a series of antisemetic fliers posted in parts of northwest d.c. the fliers were left in cleveland park and dupont circle. they have messages that claim that jewish people control the world and are behind a shift in the axis of the earth. investigators say it's unclear how many fliers were posted or how long they are been up.
6:35 pm
in loudoun county, virginia displays on the courthouse lawn will remain this holiday season. but as julie carey reports, the board of supervisors were considering a policy change. >> i have moved to ban all displayed except the war memorials and a christmas tree. >> reporter: that was the reaction of stevens miller after this display turned up yesterday on the courthouse lawn. a skeleton in a santa suit hanging on a cross. the first of nine public displays for this christmas season. by noon it was torn down by a woman who objected to the image. >> i didn't expect to see santa claus hanging from a cross. and the bottom line no child in loudoun county should see a christmas display that looks like that. >> reporter: but the proposal failed on a 5-0 fourth and vote. the board says they must allow all displays to preserve the
6:36 pm
traditional religious ones. >> i firmly stand in keeping the nativity and a free speech forum just as the civil liberties union agrees with me. >> reporter: while many condemn the santa its creator's application suggests something different. the high school student wrote it was intended to depict society's materialistic obsessions and addictions and how it is killing the peace, love, joy and kindness in the holiday season. >> the man who put that up was a christian. >> reporter: the teen's mother also put up a large letter to jesus alongside the santa. this acquaintance says that both mother and son were horrified. >> the woman and son were assaulted by a christian woman who decided that she had the right to destroy anything that doesn't agree with her view.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: there is no decision on whether to charge the woman who tore the display apart. the next display will go up on saturday. but there will be several displays put up by atheist groups in time for the holiday parade. the governor struck a deal aimed at easing bumper to bumper traffic in northern virginia. high occupancy travel or h.o.t. lanes will be added to i-95 next year. existing h.o.v. lanes will extend south to stafford county. all of that is thanks to the state's $1 billion deal with a private contractor who agreed to pay for 90% of the project's $940 million bill. the rest of the money will come from the state. still ahead on news4 doctors
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may be able to tell breast cancer patients with certainty which treatment will be most effective. a holiday tradition in the
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i'm meteorologist doug kammerer in storm center 4 watching the storm out there right now. we are seeing the storm activity and the rain all day long. we have seen mild temperatures. 57 right now in washington. expect the showers to continue and the mild temperatures to continue throughout the rest of the evening. heaviest rain in southern portions of st. mary's county and in loudoun county and in lees burg. we will see the showers throughout the rest of the evening. this is a long stream of rain from boston all the way down to charlotte and north carolina. and then we are watching this area right in here. this is the next storm that will make its way our way. will the produce a lot of rain tomorrow. we are talking about 1 to 2 inches of rain. the temperatures will fall all day long tomorrow. we're talking about snow.
6:42 pm
back to the west, 2 to 5 inches of snow. petersburg and around the 81 corridor in front royal and leesburg 1 to 2 inches there. montgomery county and frederick county 1 to 2 inches. west of there it will be about a coating. most will be out of here by 2:00 in the morning. the temperatures get colder. 45 on thursday 46 on friday, 44 on saturday. on thursday, that's when we do the holiday lights. we will be in a backyard live. we want to come to your house too. send us an e-mail. for the first time this holiday season, the capital christmas tree has been lit up. john boehner flipped on the light with the help from a second grader from california today. it is on the west lawn of the
6:43 pm
capitol building. there are 10,000 l.e.d. lights. what do you have coming up? >> maryland basketball a win over the weekend. they hope to keep it going with a six-game home stand. the redskins forced to fill a couple of roster spots.
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it's finally happened. >> what has? >> we're on the air now.
6:46 pm
>> how did that happen? >> it's official. >> nobody told me. >> we have been talking about it for a couple days. fred davis and trent williams have been suspended for rest of the season without pay by the nfl for violating the substance abuse policy. it's the latest of things going wrong for the season. it's been an unexpected rise for logan paulson. the second year tight end has nine career catches and came into the season as the third stringer behind chris cooley and davis. he has played in every game and played pretty well. the california kid anxious to step into a bigger role for the remainder of the season. >> you know that's why i'm on the team to contribute in these types of situations. >> it's not like you are coming in cold. you have been playing a lot.
6:47 pm
how much will that help? >> it makes you feel better to come in in this situation. will the be huge for me to be playing more. >> all right. here we go. monday night football rivers and the charges facing the jaguars. a battle of the titans. maurice jones-drew with a 9-yard score. he had 188 total yards. both of these teams have losing records. but the chargers playing like they were expected to play all season long. look at this. down field to jackson. a fingertip catch for the touchdown. the chargers up 23-14. in the third. malcolm floyd deep down the right sideline. 52 yards for the touch. rivers 294 yards, three
6:48 pm
touchdowns. the chargers win 38-14. i think ted's take says it all. we are 0 for forever on the power play. we took a million pents. we are shorthanded and lack confidence and concentration. but he did say onward to better days. it's rough for the capitals last night. dale hunter trying to install the new system but is it taking time. but this is something he likes, fights. the caps are down 2-0. panther on the power play a one-timer. and florida is on top 3-0. to the third it's a 5-3 game. the caps rallying. charles within the shot. less than ten seconds the go. caps with the extra attacker but they can't get it to go.
6:49 pm
they lose 5-4 and have lost five straight games on the road. >> you know they have three power play goals on us. that hurt but it's you know as far as the game we battled. we came back in the third. and you know, inches away from tying it up. so you know the boys showed a lot of character that way. and grit where good things will happen if you keep that up. a quick question for you guys. you pick one sport, any sport you could be a professional athlete what would be the? >> football for me. or basketball. maybe baseball. >> tennis. >> okay. i'm going with baseball because they make a lot of money. the winter meetings produce wheeling and dealing and millionaires. same can be said this year. the marlins offered albert
6:50 pm
pujols a ten-year deal worth $200 million just days after agreeing to pay reyes $106 million. a new stadium in miami has money burning a hole in the owners' pockets. the nationals are going after mark buehrle and not ruling out bryce harper starting next season in washington. he was the first pick in last year's draft. he dominated the minors until he was moved up to aa. he hit .333 in the arizona fall league and nationals manager davey johnson believes he has a shot to start the season with the nationals and not the minors. comparing him to former pitching sensation dwight gooden. >> i had to fight for a young pitcher who was 19 years old in new york. i said keep an open mind and let's just see what he does in the spring.
6:51 pm
and evaluate whether he makes the club or not. and after many conversations i got him to agree to that. the rest is history. but i think this guy's pretty mature. i don't look at him age wise like we probably should. but i think he's definitely going the make this spring very interesting. >> that will be fun. things heating up in the nba. the latest jaw dropping rumor, the lakers trying to trade for dwight howard and chris paul. the miami heat west. >> i'm thinking new orleans and what's ease name? >> and giving up the team to get ricky williams. they are giving up everybody except kobe. it ain't going to happen. >> that would be fun to see. and we talked about maryland earlier.
6:52 pm
six straight games at home for the guys. they beat notre dame over the weekend. they are scrappy. they are undermanned but
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
mammograms help doctors identify breast cancer at the earliest stages. the next step is determining whether women have to undergo radiation or just surgery alone. now a new test is giving doctors and patients a better answer. >> just relax that shoulder. >> it wasn't until women had routine mammograms that doctors could spot it. ductal carcinoma in situ. >> it is a precancer or the last step before invasive cancer
6:56 pm
develops. >> reporter: patients undergo a lumpectomy and doctors depend on the tumor size and ore factors to determine if she needs any radiation. but a new test goes deeper giving doctors information about the tumor itself. using the tissue taken out doctors analyze the tumor's jeans and plug into the a model and give the tumor a score. >> it identifies low versus high risk individuals. >> reporter: it has been used for seven years. the use of chemotherapy has dropped 20%. a sign that women are getting personalized treatment plans. this doctor an oncologist hopes for similar results in women with ductal carcinoma in situ.
6:57 pm
sparing some women the side effects of unnecessary treatment. this test is not approved by the fda yet but very few genetic tests have the agency's approval. coming up at 11:00, businesses downtown are on high alert because of a day of action planned by occupy d.c. protesters tomorrow. a guy falsely accused of sexual assault walked free from a virginia prison tonight after 27 years locked up. and the "30 rock" star who was kicked off an airplane for playing words with friends. >> i don't know what that means. >> we'll find out. one more check on the weather. >> colder air is making its way into the area. we're talking about temperatures in the 50s tomorrow dropping down into the upper 30s or lower
6:58 pm
40s. the high is early and falling temperatures, heavy rain all day tomorrow. thursday, a slight chance of a shower early. could be a snow shower. we are talking about pre-dawn here. 46 on friday and breezy. cold on saturday. sunday morning, 28 in the city. many areas around 20 degrees on sunday morning with plenty of sunshine. but the cold air is here to stay after tomorrow. >> thank you, doug. the people at the salvation army in frederick, virginia got a shock. gold coins were a gift from the owner of the frederick coin exchange. he bought the coins back for $9,000. the owner says he grew up in frederick and is it important for him to give back to the
6:59 pm
community. he says he had a lot of fun trying to sneak the coins into the kettles without anybody noticing. >> that's on the broadcast tonight, game on. president obama becomes candidate obama. and tonight as this race heats up, we have a reality check on the new republican front-runner. news about that mine disaster in west virginia that killed 29 men. tonight one of the biggest settlements in history. some are asking, why isn't anybody going to jail? fighting breast cancer. a new test that could provide much-needed help for tens of thousands of women who get alarming news and then aren't sure what to do next. a holiday mystery that nobody really wants to solve. who is leaving the


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